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What you put your attention on grows...

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

This is an important concept in marriage and all relationships as taught by Laura Doyle in her book, ‘The Empowered Wife’. I first heard this idea mentioned in ‘You Can Heal Your Life', by Louise Hay. I began noticing how my thoughts actually create my experience of life. With attention, layer by layer of negative thoughts peeled off of me.

I noticed how much attention was being put on the flaws in my body, as opposed to focusing on how my body is one of G-d's greatest gift to me. It carries me from place to place and gives me the capacity to move from finger tips to toes. It is the only way I have an opportunity to live this life. Yet, I was still waking up and only noticing it’s flaws!

One of the first tools I teach is how to focus on your "awes" versus "flaws". Thoughts are 80% of the influence that effects what we eat. When we begin to put our attention on the positive details in ourselves and others, not only does our experience of that moment change, but our reactions become conscious decisions, and the world around us blossoms.

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