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As with many women, it started with my children. I had three children, hemorrhaging after each one, and nearly dying after the third. The doctor said I shouldn’t have any more children.

I had to do some real soul searching at that point, because I had always envisioned myself with a large family. I had a very deep conversation within myself, but not just with myself--I was talking to a higher power. 

This conversation compelled me to throw myself into working on my emotional, spiritual, and physical health. Spiritual reflection, dietary changes and a medical procedure helped my body to heal. I had three more babies with no health complications or hemorrhaging. 

My unique journey teaches us that we each have extraordinary power within ourselves to achieve maximum health.


“My goal is to help you uncover your inner world and feel expansive joy as you heal inside and out.”



As part of my health journey, I became a certified yoga instructor (800 RYT in vinyasa, holistic healing, and anatomy based yoga), incorporating movement, meditation/inner listening and connecting to a higher power, to provide a somatic healing experience for my students. I am a Certified Health Coach with an additional certification in the Psychology of Emotional Eating, from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.